Frequently Asked Questions

What is InfoCamp?

InfoCamp, in its 8th year, is the premier student-run conference/“unconference” for the information community. Held on the UC Berkeley campus at the School of Information, InfoCamp is a day-long event that aims to educate, inform, and inspire new ways of thinking among the information community. The event draws over 150 professionals, students, and entrepreneurs across a wide range of sectors who work in roles in data science, UX design, product management, and software engineering.

What happens at InfoCamp?

There are three portions of the day at InfoCamp: keynote speakers, panels, and the “unconference.”

What’s an “unconference”?

Unlike normal conferences where attendees come and listen to a preset schedule of speakers, an unconference is where attendees can pitch and host their own sessions based on popular vote. The unconference portion will take place in the latter half of the day. Sign up for Unconference now!

What is the “information community”?

Great news! The “information community” is by no means an exclusive club; in fact, chances are you’re a part of this community and don’t even know it! Whether it’s something on a billboard, articles in a newspaper, or data stored in the cloud, Information is literally everywhere we go, so when we refer to the “information community,” we are referring to the community of individuals and industries whose careers, passions, or interests center around the use and improvement of information, information systems, and/or information technology. Welcome!

What’s the theme of InfoCamp this year?

Each year, InfoCamp organizers decide on a theme that is seen as significant in impact and relevant to the information community. This year’s theme is Hello Disruption.

We know disruption itself is nothing new, but as its impacts become more pervasive, we wanted to focus two things:

  • How innovative uses of information have disrupted our day-to-day and enabled disruption across industries
  • How disruption is not something to be feared, but rather something we should greet as a welcome means of change - hence the “Hello”!

What’re the panel themes going to be at InfoCamp?

This year, there will be two panels:

  • Information vs Misinformation: As seen in this year’s election, information and misinformation are both powerful tools when wielded effectively. This panel will look at the effects of information when harnessed correctly and when abused.
  • Dynamo Disruptors: This panel will look at who’s fighting the fight (and winning!) in industries hardest to disrupt. Speakers will share insights about what challenges they’ve encountered and what they have learned along the way.

How can I register for InfoCamp?

InfoCamp is intimate by design to allow for authentic community-building. Tickets have sold out in recent years. Purchase yours now!